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What is HaHuJobs?

hahu core

HaHuJobs a cloud services operating to capture structured data of the Ethiopian skilled and non-skilled labor market through digitally connecting thousands of job seekers in major Ethiopian cities as well as industrial parks. The platform in a collection of micro services grouped to compose web application modules that offer a set of functionalities. HaHuJobs is an electronic product sold as service to a category of clients as per their specific needs in the labor market of Ethiopia. It features various service categories which revolves around data driven job matching of the right candidate with the right job opening, student tracing, capacity building and assessing of Jobseekers. This platform has sub services tailored to the specific industries and stakeholders, but as a primary concept HaHuJobs has a strong biometric based jobseeker identification and an automated method of matching workers with appropriate vacancy through structured data formats.

The service is built as an ecosystem of digital services to offer a holistic approach to respond to various data and automation gaps with in the Ethiopian labor market. It features layers and network of deployments that provide services to various types of industry stakeholders like, the jobseekers, employers, the government and development partners.


Standardized services with Ethiopian hospitality!

We provide a category of services to offer a holistic solution to the multi-faceted needs of the Ethiopian labor market.


HaHu Primary

HaHuJobs Primary services are deployments targeting the Ethiopian jobseeker, with both online and assisted models the platform caters to the tool needs of looking for a job at all levels of employment. It features vacancy aggregation and posting from various sources as well as enterprises, builds career profiles, apply for jobs, and subscribe to customized alerts for each user.


Hahu Enterprise

Provides human resources and related services starting from job vacancy announcements, and recruitment, all the way to human resources management until termination. This deployment also offers unique services to a category of businesses that operate within industrial parks, in addition to Addis Ababa-based foreign employment agencies.


HaHu Industry Parks

With biometric-based identification to both register workers and job seekers. The process begins with mass registration of employment seekers to build a digital pool of job seekers from which they are allocated for labor demands from factories within the industrial parks. It logs the recruitment status of allocated jobseekers and indexes transaction data for analytics.



HaHuJobs TVET is a targeted service deployment to trace skill-based education graduates and content-encoding service offered for TVET institutes intended for both formal as well as career guiding lesson materials. The platform aims to capacitate delivery departments of both private and government TVET institutes for digitized graduate tracing and supporting TVET trainers to provide curricular as well as non-structured digital learning material.


HaHu University

HaHuJobs university is a deployment intended to serve the needs of deliverology departments, offer alternative digital contend disbursement for instructors, and trace graduates of Ethiopian universities that are subscribers of these services. The service offers a reporting and visualization for all its service components cospeciation higher education institutes with well-compiled data to acquire relevant insights regarding the labor market and competence requirements.


Hahu Muya

HaHuJobs Muya is a capacity-building and training platform intended for both jobseeker and students’ which sources various digital contents from training institutes in both document and multimedia formats. It offers users a digitally enabled environment to consume both formal and non-formal training material sourced from instructors within the local context. Resources can be offered in targeted or public access formats depending on the contributor's choice.


Partners & Clients

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Our Labor market related projects


Below are some of our updates regarding our ventures with in the labor market and our partners offers in regards to related endeavors


HaHuJobs offers various reports


Three service pillars data vacancy data aggregation and analysis of vacancies, defining jobseekers' career profiles based on predefined data structure, and data-driven digital job matching. each generates a large quantity of data that offers insight into the labor market of Ethiopia within the scope of HaHuJobs operation scale. These reported insights also address all levels of the labor market from low and medium-skill workers to highly specialized professionals covering anything within the range span. Each report communicates a given scope of information on specific periodic service operations of HaHuJobs deployed platforms.

Our reports are periodic and presented in multiple communication formats selected based on their best fit to the information set forth. Reports usually are composed using visualized data charts, infographic videos, and metrics. All our reports follow a consistent format incorporating accurate insights on data insights we aim to communicate to all our audience.

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