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7 December 2022

We are launching our employment center services soon!! The establishment is intended to serve jobseekers via scheduled visits to offer them both self and assisted CV building as well as digital job matching services. We also provide vacancy standardization, recruitment, and automation services to employers with our dedicated enterprise digital service deployments. The center will serve two groups of HaHuJobs clients, job seekers, and employers of all levels. The center features four primary service sections, a walking customers service area, for both employers and job seekers, a training/assessment communicable room, vacancy data processing operation area, and a supervision area. Each of these spaces is manned with well-trained professionals to offer holistic end-to-end data-driven fully automated recruitment solutions.

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There are a set of services offered to our clients with varying levels of recruitment as well as automation needs. Accounting for such a diverse market audience we have standardized services for both groups of users. Our Jobseekers services are offered in both self and assisted models they are intended for professionals in the mid, high, and low-skill as well as qualification levels. Same as so, the enterprise or employer services follow the same model, it targets, small enterprises to corporate level organizations to address their recruitment in their context of use and convince needs.

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Jobseeker services

These are services offered to individuals looking for a job, they target jobseekers looking for low-skill level work up to highly qualified professionals. Initially, the service scopes are defined as capacitating jobseekers to have a better competitive advantage in the labor market and profiling their career standing to apply for vacancies we aggregate from various digital and manual sources. Here are what to expect if one walks into our employment service as a jobseeker:-

Vacancy aggregation : this has been one of HaHuJobs flagship services, we collect vacancy data from various sources and cities to structure as well as standardize the data to offer it to our audience in a more structured manner. This service will now scale to allocate job seekers that visit our centers to have their qualifications profiled, it will be used to help job seekers apply for vacancies fitting their qualifications.

Self and assisted career profiling (CV building) : this component is one of our new services to job seekers, it is a contextualized form format based on eight data sets to summarise as well as define the qualifications of the job seeker. Our data sets use a combination of both local and international data sets to enable jobseekrs to define their career profiles in therms of their, education, skills, languages they know, working experience, trainings, projects they have worked on, extracurricular activities they were involved in, and any related documents they may require using which a resume will be auto-generated to help job seekers apply for a vacancy a service officer deems they are qualified to be allocated to. This component will also be offered online for users capable of utilizing the tool to compose their profiles themselves.

Digital job matching : All profiled job seekers will be offered a fitting vacancy for the qualifications they define on their career profiles, such matchings occur in both self-subscribed as well as assisted allocation through HaHuJobs service center personnel.

Capacity building:overall soft skill training as well as focussed technical training will also be offered for interested jobseekers and qualified candidates to capacitate their career standing as well as have a competitive advantage within the HaHuJobs job seekers pool.

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HaHuJobs Employer services

This will be an extension of HaHuJobs enterprise services and offer a physical alternative to automated job vacancy announcements with standardization, and recruitment, all the way to human resources management until termination. The center offers an establishment that can be addressed to have an assisted way of utilizing the digital tools and modules offered in HaHuJobs enterprise deployment. The primary services offered under such service will be

Digital and standardized vacancy announcement : this is a service offered to valid businesses operating in Ethiopian, which are required to have a valid TIN number and address of a contact in terms of location, phone number and optionally an email address. The center accepts vacancy details communicated verbally or in a documented format to further standardize, and classify as per HaHuJobs operation procedures.

Automated applicant screening and access to our jobseeker pool: the center will also provide an assisted job application automation service using modules for enterprises that subscribe to our premium service modules, which include application process automation and access to the HaHuJobs Jobseeker pool.

Recruitment and qualification with digital assessments : the center offers full recruitment services to enterprises in various sectors, complete with pre-screening digital assessments, interviews, profiling, and background check of all candidates when on both a subscription and contracted basis.


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