Happy Meskel Festivities!!

Well wishes

26 September 2022

The Meskel festival is an annual Christian national holiday celebrated by orthodox churches in Ethiopia. This festival marks the discovery of the True Cross that Jesus was crucified on. The word “Meskel” is from the Ge’ez language which translates to “Cross.” So, the festival is a celebration of the cross. The festival is held at the iconic Meskel Square in Addis Ababa and draws out a large number of religious and civil leaders as well as public figures and the orthodox Christian faithful.

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The Meskel festival celebration begins with the burning of a large bonfire called Demera, by a large procession of Christians at the Meskel square – named in honor of the festival. This Demera-procession often begins on the eve of the event while preparations take place during the morning. This celebration offers various market opportunities for the youth to harvest and cell a local daisy, called “Addey Abeba” and various types of torches made from gathering wood branches known as “Chibo”. Ethiopia is home to various celebrations regardless of Meskel and Timket offer unique economical advantages with a significant positive impact in the labor market due to the scale of the celebrations, especially in sales of seasonal commodities and related temporary gig occupations.


ምንግዜም ለሃገር ልጅ በሃገር ልጅ!!

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