HIPSTER Labor Management Database


In June 2018 HaHuJobs was contracted by Enterprise Partners (a program implemented by First Consult) to automate components of the Hawassa Industrial Park Sourcing and Training Employees in the Region project. The program worked to change the way that markets work for the poor so that poor people were included in the benefits of growth and economic development as consumers, employees and investors. In each sector and sub-sector, Enterprise Partners identified key constraints and developed socially and environmentally sensitive strategies to transform markets by working with industry actors to introduce better business models. In this particular engagement with HaHuJobs the project aimed to streamline the process of sourcing, screening, recruiting, and allocation of jobseekers to labor demands from companies in Hawassa industrial park. HaHuJobs was contracted to digitize the process of capturing details of sourced and screened job seekers, capture details of their grading, digitally allocate them and follow their recruitment status.


HaHuJobs offered a labor management platform initially to the Hawassa Industrial Park which kept a unique record of job seekers looking for employment in the industrial park, this registration identified their relevant details like age, education background, origination details, and given name. This later grew to two more parks, Kobolcha and Mekelle. The process starts with the biometric-based registration of candidates who will then be asked to undergo a set of dexterity tests to identify and set their grading labels. Graded job seekers will then be identified using their fingerprints for attendance and allocated to a company with system-submitted demands. After allocation digital details of these candidates will be presented to employing companies through the platform on which they provide their recruitment status. All the above operation procedures generate data relevant to stakeholders and are offered through digital summary dashboards.


This process helped mint the foundation of HaHuJobs’s job matching model as it offered scale as well as a controlled environment to test system functions. Also provided various inputs to restructure our industry park platform from consultancy to a service model which heavily inspired our HaHuJobs Industry Park services.





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