Young Africa works BRIDGES program


Funded by the Master Card Foundation and implemented by First Consult the Employment Linkage Bridge works on putting in place a worker recruitment and retention system within ten industrial parks. Interventions within this BRIDGE are focused on enhancing the efficiency of the worker recruitment process by addressing quantitative and information mismatch issues in the recruitment process. Additionally, this BRIDGE targets retention within factories through the development of soft skill training programs and curriculum aimed at easing the transition of workers into the industrial workforce.


To this aim HaHuJobs was contracted by the program to provide our industrial park services that capture a unique record of Jobseekers and build their career profiles via a predefine data structure. These registered individuals will be allocated to labor demands from the industrial park factories details of which are also submitted through the cloud service. This process generates a significant amount of data regarding the labor flow of a given park. This BRIDGE project contracted our services to both automate and standardize the labour supply of 8 industrial parks, namely Hawassa, Kombolcha, Adama, Bahirdar, Mekelle, Diredawa, Debrebirhan and Boble Lemi annualy since 2021 under the oversight of the Ethiopian Investment commission.





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