Jobs protection Facility


As the implementer of the jobs protection facility program, in November 2021 First consult contracted HaHuJobs to build the fund application, review and reporting platform. The platform enables investors within the industrial park to digitally apply for the support through structured forms with clear guidelines. All successfully submitted applications were offered to officers for review for qualification. The platform also provided a reporting and analytics dashboard for follow-up.

The Jobs protection facility is a COVID 19 impact response landmark fund set up between the UK, US, and Germany with the support of the Government of Ethiopia (JCC & EIC) could save thousands of jobs in Ethiopia’s textile and garments industry while helping to support the country’s economic recovery from COVID-19. With $6.5 million invested at launch, the partnership aims to help safeguard a critical industry and protect the livelihoods of those working within it.


Through the fund, textile factories in Ethiopia’s industrial parks applied for wage subsidies – similar to the furlough schemes operating in many countries including the UK and Germany – and incentives to reward businesses that are able to adapt in response to COVID-19. The funding announced today will kickstart the Facility and the partnership may further expand its reach through additional support in the coming months.





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