EMDMS upgrade


This project was contracted to HaHuJobs by ILO Ethiopia as an extension of the MoFA BLA enforcement tool to provide a holistic citizen service to both Ethiopian foreign employment seekers and deployed employees. Hence why the objectives of this project were to upgrade the former Ethiopian Migrant Data Management System (EMDMS) and integrate it with the National Recruitment Platform (NRP) and MoFAs electronic monitoring system for following up the implementation of BLA and MoU. The Ethiopian Migrant Worker management system features digitization citizen services offered by the Ministry of Labor and Skills. The platform servers all foreign employment agencies, the ministry of labor and skills, and the citizens of Ethiopia.


The platform digitized the process of foreign employment agencies, licensing, job orders, and contract approval services offered by the ministry of labor and skills. It also automated almost all of the back-office processing of foreign employment services offered by the federal government of Ethiopia. HaHuJobs developed and delivered the required trainings for all the stakeholders of this project.





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